Our Total Solution Service include Business Process Outsource solutions, Forms Design & Printing, Personalised Data Printing, Enveloping and Mailing services, thus reaching out to a much bigger customer base without increasing your work load.

Business Process Outsourcing
Our propriety solutions extract, match and verify data. Relieving organisations that need to maintain a pool of staff to process clerical and manual matching processes. By reducing the manual tasks, we improve the accuracy and reliability of data captured and processed.

Personalised Data Printing

The client provides either formatted or unformatted data via direct data transmission. The laser printer produces a clear and professional print while the wide range of fonts allows a high level of creativity and style.

The printed document is fed into the mail insertion machine, where it is trimmed, folded, placed with inserts, enveloped and sealed. Our mail insertion machine allows up to a maximum of 6 additional inserts.

Mailing Services

Finished product is immediately sent to Singapore Post for mail processing. The Postage Paid Impression (PPI) is one such additional service. It is designed for greater convenience and efficiency for mailing out uniform items sent out in bulk.

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