Message From CEO
The information technology called IT creates the new world, a human shaped robot dances like humans do, and an electric car soundlessly breaks the barrier of 300 km/h.
In the 21st century, the highly integrated and advanced information technology will play an even more important role in making an even more affluent society.

What we believe, that plays a crucial role to make it happen, isn't just plain digital bit data but INFORMATION, which is given at the right timing, with great accuracy and in a very comprehensive and personalized manner.

TOH-SHI Printing Singapore's mission is very clear - we provide solutions to all your business needs by changing digital bit data into practical information by using our highly advanced printing technology.

Established in 1987 by one of the major printing companies in Japan, Toyo Shigyo Printing Co Ltd, we have been serving many customers in Singapore with business forms printing, daily print & mail, total solution and value added products like CardPlus, with consistent high quality.

Challenging all sorts of media possibilities by combining our know-how and experience in Japan, with IT technology, we will further strive to lead in this information-oriented society as well as to become a good partner, offering you an effective solution to your business needs.
We are a solutions provider to your business printing and print & mail needs.

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