Toh-Shi Printing Singapore Pte Ltd
is a specialized printer of continuous business forms. It's experience stems from the vast expertise provided by it's parent company, Toyo Shigyo Printing Co. Ltd., one of Japan's leading printers, established with over 60 years of experience.

Since Toh-Shi Printing Singapore Pte Ltd was first founded, its parent company has placed an obligation on itself to use its specialist technical skills to come up with high quality products and services that guarantee the customers long term economic viability. We achieve this by constantly discussing our production processes and looking for improvements.

Therefore, we pride ourselves having the aptitude to expanding our core activities to Mail Print services validating our dedication to our customers and our commitment to providing consistently high quality tailored right total solutions to meet your every print and mail requirements.Our services evolve from the basics of layout and formatting of a form to the incorporation of unique data printing and security data storing to the end product of inserting and mailing to the Post Office.

Although the names of customers are held strict confidence, we can proudly state that our printing and document management services have to-date satisfy many customers through our excellent production, absolute quality and above all the personal care that only Toh-Shi can provide.


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